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Did You Think It Was Going to Be Easy?

12 May 2021 @ 15:55

This morning I failed one of my End Results. Not that I will not make it eventually, but I did not listen to it.

I want to help my son become an accomplished person, using his full potential and fully aware of his power. I try to help him on his way to greatness, and this morning we were supposed to do some exercise, but he was not into it at all (pretty normal for anybody to get pushback from "identity" as you will soon see).

So what did I do? Instead of considering the situation and the reasons why he was pushing back, seeing how he was driven by his identity – something like "I won't take orders to do stuff that I consider useless or irrelevant") –and helping him see his End Result with his own eyes... I took it personally, thus allowing MY identity to get in the way. "I do this for you" , "You're wasting my time" and so on.

How wrong! How wrong trying to coerce someone by making them feel bad about what they are doing to US. Damn! It shouldn't be about me at all! If his success is my End Result, then it's about his success, not me. And even worse, how stupid of me to allow my identity take over against MY End Result!

I needed to do something to calm down (oh the power of identity) so I went out for a run. It took me almost 4km to realise the identity trap I was in. That's more than 20 minutes! How much more powerful can we be if we don't succumb to our identity? How much less wasted time and anger and resentment would there be?

Well, it is what it is. This happens to everybody! The important part is to get back to seeing your End Results and creating them, regardless of what your identity tells you!


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Photo by Jed Villejo on Unsplash